Bonds Beyond (2016)







Bonds Beyond is a new Canadian play by Colleen Osborn, produced by Glass Reflections Theatre Collective. Bonds Beyond is set in the dystopian future where the dead is able to upload their consciousness through "summitting", an exclusive act offered by the Pinnacle corporation. Using projections, sound, and a simple set, we transformed the Array Music Space, predominantly a music recording studio, into our playing space. 

Reviews: Mooney on Theatre

Cast: Timothy Ng as Tom, Nicole D'Amato as Marnie, Tony Ofori as Uncle, Lo Bil as Celeste, Liz Der as Jet, Konstantina Mantelos as Nicole, Candi Zell as Betty, Susannah Mackay as Joanna, Margarita Valderrama as Voice Overs, Jane Smythe as Tyri. 

Crew: Stage Managed and Lighting Designed by Giuseppe Condello, Production Dramaturgy by Alexandra Simpson, Projections Designed by Julia Howman, Set Designed by Cameron Kirk, Sound Designed by Miquelon Rodriguez, Assistant Sound Designed by Frank Incer. 



Transitions was an original, never produced, script by University of Toronto students Savana James and Mackenzie Stewart. It was a submission produced by the Woodsworth Innis New Drama Society at the 2016 UofT Drama Festival, adjudicated by Maev Beaty. Transitions is a coming of age story based around Victor, a transgender man. Victor is confronted by his family after returning home from University. This production uses projections and music to explore the struggles of identity. 

Transitions won Best Director and Audience Choice Award (4th Night) at the Festival.

Cast: Noa Katz as Victor, Marium Masood as Basil, Gokhan Solmaz as Mother, Davrielle as Father. 

Crew: Stage Managed by Andrea Castaneda, Assistant Stage Managed by Rae Costin, Production Managed by Lucy McPhee, Lighting Designed by Lyla Belsey, Sound Designed by Frank Incer, Projections Designed by Kirk Munroe, Projections Consultant Julia Howman, Props Managed by Liz McLoughlin



As part of the 2015 Director's Showcase produced at the Drama Centre of the University of Toronto, Antigonick was set in the dead of winter. This re-imagining of Sophokles' classic play was written by Anne Carson and illustrated by Bianca Stone. Using movement, music, and projections, this production explores Antigone's story as she is caught in an act of perfect piety. 

Cast: Margarita Valderrama as Antigone, Augusto Bitter as Kreon, Rion Chow as Nick (a mute part), and Hannah-Rae Sabyan, Mimi Warshaw, and Nithya Garg as The Chorus. 

Crew: Stage Managed by Eunji Lee, Projections and Set Designed by Julia Howman, Costumes Designed by Deborah Lim, Lighting Designed by Conrad McLaren, Sound Designed by Frank Incer.



Produced by the UC Follies, Agamemnon took place in the University College Quadrangle as the first show of the 1516 Season. Written by Aeschylus and translated by Ted Hughes, this play chronics a King returning home after ten years of war only to find that his Queen is harbouring a vengeful secret. This new feminist adaptation explores the visceral poetry through movement. 

Agamemnon won Best Director and Best Production Design and was also nominated for Best Choreography at the 5th Annual Drama Coalition Awards.

Cast: Jeff Martins as Agamemnon, Liz Der as Clytemnestra, Sadie Graham as Cassandra, Matha Moldaver as Girl, Lyla Belsey as Herald, Diana Franz as Old man, Andrea Castaneda as Watchman, Ceilidh Wood as Woman. 

Crew: Assistant Directed by Augusto Bitter, Stage Managed by Jules Mendoza, Assistant Stage Managed by Margarita Valderrama, Scenographer Julia Howman, Lighting Designed by Rion Chow, Music Composed and Directed by Aidan O'Brien, Assistant Music Composed by Jake Adamson, Make Up Designed by Olivia Nicoloff, and Dramaturged by Robin Taylor Wright.