As part of her senior thesis, Dorcas started a series of autoethnographic performances called In Search of Fanfiction. She is examining how fanfiction has allowed her to articulate her queer identity within her dichotomous Chinese and Western cultural upbringing, and Tumblr roleplay has helped her contextualize her identity in the fictional (Internet) and non-fictional (real) world due to the emergence of her romantic relationship with another female roleplayer. The performances will allow her to canonize her unstable identity. 


In the first rendition of this series, Dorcas did a solo-performance that traced her personal history, from when she first fell in love with fanfiction to when she first fell in love with a woman. 

"Five years ago, Dorcas Chiu was just another Chinese International student living in Beijing. She was your typical fangirl and certified geek, specializing in the Marvel Universe. One day, her best friend introduced her to the world of fanfiction, and her life changed forever. Her writings flourished in this Western male-homosexual of fan-culture. But soon, she found... Tumblr Roleplay, allowing her to perform male characters with other like-minded strangers across the Internet. It is through this journey that she met her first girlfriend. Ah, young love. Will she live happily ever after? Find out on  April 3rd, 2016" - Program Notes.